Adriaan has many interests besides his work, all of which are in full agreement with his family ;-).

Currently Adriaan is the first secretary of the Bataafsch Genootschap, a member of Diligentia and he was one of founders of the Groene Rekenkamer. Furthermore Adriaan still has an interest in Delftsche Studenten Bond, his former student club and Adriaan is a member of De Witte, a club to spend leisure time.

In earlier life Adriaan started a company Heracles which has now become P1.

Adriaan's education is rather extensive, he started with a MSc (1986) at the then Technische Hogeschool Delft department of Electrical Power Systems and received a PhD in 2000 at the now Technical University of Delft on testing HV Circuit Breakers which he did in full cooperation with KEMA High-Power Laboratory

In 2000 Adriaan also received a Master of Business Administration: MBA of Webster University campus Leiden, the Netherlands.

And to top it of in 2004 Adriaan received his third degree of Delft University a MSc in Physics Education at the Teachers Program of TU Delft, the Netherlands.

Furthermore in 1997 Adriaan became a member of the Dutch Nobility because fate apparently had to play its games. This last aspect of his person is not so much an interest as well as a necessity to become familiar with.